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Virtual Studio for Unreal Engine and Aximmetry

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Production ready, Raytraced High Quality virtual Studio for Unreal Engine And Unreal Engine for Aximmetry.

Following all Optimization techniques to make sure it runs realtime.

Control compound included

Created for Unreal Engine/Unreal Engine for Aximmetry 4.27.XX
Created in Aximmetry DE 2022.2.1
Running on RTX 3090

Bundle Content

  • Customizable Studio A

  • Full Combo
    - Customizable Studio A (As previous Combo)
    - Olympics Project
    -QuickVP Studio
  • Morning Show

  • Sports Demo (Aximmetry)

Disclaimer: In order to purchase any of the sets created by Us, is recommended to have at least basic Unreal engine Knowledge, understand the basics of Project loading, blueprinting and Materials, We make sure all the sets meet the requirements and properly work before upload it . if you have ZERO KNOWLEDGE in Unreal engine I recommend go for the basics before buy any of this or download the free Ones available to Practice


Support DON’T cover :

  • Any error generated by opening the project in another Unreal Engine Version different than Original
  • Any Customer project change.

Thank you

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Unreal Engine Project Files, ready to go Live

Optimized for Realtime Ussage
Ray Tracing Enabled
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Virtual Studio for Unreal Engine and Aximmetry

0 ratings
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